Eden no Hana

Eden no Hana (エデンの花 or Flowers of Eden)

by Suetsugu Yuki

A schoolgirl who was adopted by a family experiences hardships at school and home. Her foster family treats her as Reika, their daughter who had died a couple years ago. Suddenly, her real blood-related brother appears before her, who has been searching for her for years. Now her life is turned upside down. Will she learn to trust other people again? – From MangaUpdates.com.

Genre: Drama, Romance, Shoujo

Length: 12 Volumes (complete)





  1. thank you very much for take this project! I really love eden no hana! thank you very much!

  2. Thank you very, verrry much for picking up this project!!! =)

  3. OMG YOU are continuting Eden no HANA? OMG THank you sooo much!

  4. Nice job, keep up the good work.

  5. Thanks you so so much for picking up Eden no Hana!!! I love this project to death.

  6. Thank you so so much for picking up this project!

  7. Wow thanks! I love this series. I’ve been waiting a long time to read this series. It’s definitely one of my all time favorites.

  8. Thanks for taking time to scan this awesome manga.

  9. Thank you so much for continuing this project !!!

  10. the prince bows his head for
    continuing eden no hana
    and kindly requests more

  11. thank you so much for contiuing!!! i can’t wait to read vol. 8 – 12!!! <3<3<3

  12. ch 23 is magnificent. Thank you very much for this. The Prince love eden no hana. you rule

  13. THANK YOU 🙂 I really love this series, thank you so much for picking this up again.

  14. I really appreciate the time and effort you guys are putting in by picking up this project again. I’ve been reading this manga since 2005 and have been a big fan since, so it was disappointing too find that after volume 5 it was dropped. Thank you very much for picking it up. All the work you guys are doing are awesome, keep up the good work.

  15. Thank you so much for picking up the project. Keep up with the work.

  16. This is too awesome! We thank you for the upload! I love this series, along with Sonan Jyanaiyo, Real Purple, Show Princess and Chiro Star Project!!

  17. Thank you so, so, so much for picking up Eden no Hana. It’s one of my favorite mangas because it is so complex and not like any other “typical” shoujo. I hope you are able to carry the project through completion because you are doing a such a great job 😀

  18. hello, i’m so lucky to see your site so much coz i’m so addicted reading manga. but i just want to ask how can i read the first five volumes in Eden no Hana since vol six is the only one i can download. hope somebody can help me… thanks!

  19. thank you so much. Hope u come to an end.. Nothing worthy is more than thank you. Love you. Love Eden no hana.

  20. wow!!!u guys are awesome!!thanks so much for continuing this series!!!your hard work is very very very much appreciated! !thanks again ^^

  21. i’ve waited soooo long for this series to be continued!!thank you very much for picking this 1 up!i’m so excited!! thank you!! thank you!!wah~i can’t thank you enough!!please keep up the good work ^^

  22. i’m a huge fan of eden no hana..thank you so much for scanlating it..btw,.chapter 23 is cooool but is really a cliffhanger too!!i’m dying to know what happens next!!wah~

  23. i love this manga so much 🙂 can’t wait to see whats next to come. GO PROJECT NOIR!

    u rock

  24. Many many thanks for this project!!! I love eden no hana but there is no chance to read the endT_T In Germany there are onhly 7 books. I´m so commiserate about it. But now there is a little hope=) so please scan the others and go on with this projec. Please i beg u!

    <3<3<3<3<3THANKS A LOT!<3<3<3<3<3

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