Eikaiwa School Wars

Eikaiwa School Wars (英会話スクールウォーズ or Conversational English School Wars)
by Matusmoto Tomo

Arisu hates English and her HOT teacher? Can this be possible? What does a can of 100 yen mackerel have to do with fate?! Why is it that guys with glasses are just so SEXY?! Read and find out!- From MangaUpdates.com.

Genre: Romance, School Life, Shoujo

Length: 2 Volumes (complete)


  • Volume 1 Chapters 1-3 by Condensation
  • Volume 2 Chapter 4 – Released
  • Volume 2 Chapter 5 – Editing
  • Volume 2 Chapter 6 – Editing


  1. umeehhh I can’t wait to read this it’s matsumoto tomo is so good D: !!!
    her stories always make me feel good
    good choice *thumbs up* =D
    looking forward to the releases ^^

  2. i really look forward to this. I love matsumoto tomo’s stories and really like the first few chapters of this manga. I’m so happy =)

  3. OMG!thak you,thank you a lot!I rly wished that condesation will release another chapter soon as possible but they never did!
    Thanks guys!
    I rly love matsumoto-sensei’s works!=)

  4. Thank you so much for continuing this!! I was so disappointed when Condensation didn’t update… so… thank you so much! keep up the awesome work and thanks for the release. ^^

  5. thanks so much!!! matsumoto tomo’s works are always so funny and this one is no exception. it cheers me up when i read it, so im really glad u guys picked this up! can’t wait for more releases! thank you again! ❤

  6. Thanks for doing the project. Can’t wait to read it. I love the last sentence of the summary lol

  7. Thank you for this project. this is one of my favorites as well! Can’t wait for more! And again thank you for picking all these awesome projects!

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