Koi Yori Kiss Yori Daikirai!!

Koi Yori Kiss Yori Daikirai!!(恋よりKissより大嫌い!!)
by Umezawa Hana

Our poor female character is a poor girl with a debt to the rich and powerful Tenmonzaki. She accepts to be a slave in order to pay off her debts but what are these feelings starting to bloom within her heart…? Could she possibly love this rich, arrogant and all too perfect guy?
Genre: Shoujo
Length: 3 Volumes (complete)
  • Volume 1 Chapter 1-Released
  • Volume 1 Chapter 2 – Editing


  1. I love this manaka’s yaoi series and this is the first time I’ve heard her doing a shooujo so I am anticipating a great story. Thanks for concidering to scanlate this or else I don;t think anyone would eve imagine to scanlate this one 🙂

  2. omg, the art is superb, and the fact that it’s a shoujo leaves me speachless >.< i love her yaoi stories, i hope this one is as good as those 🙂

  3. thanks a lot! cant wait to read it! 😀

    i love umezawa hana.. so this will be really, really interesting! 😀

  4. thank you for the release >_<

  5. I just read the release and must say I’m already addicted!! Can’t wait to for the next release!!!

  6. ._. really thankful to find a group scanalate this

    anyway, its my first time here. Looking forward to your works and updates alrights

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