Running on Empty

Running on Empty(허공의 질주 or Running Through the Sky)
by Kim Ji Eun

Han Soo-bum has nothing to lose. Dying seems to be the solution to all his problems. How hard can it be to kill himself? Unless he gets abducted by a hot guy running from the law who has been falsely accused. Where will they run to, and what are these feelings blooming inside our fugitive’s heart?
Genre: Shounen-ai
Length: 2 Volumes (complete)
  • Volume 1 Chapter 01 – Released
  • Volume 1 Chapter 02 – Released
  • Volume 1 Chapter 03 – Released
  • Volume 1 Chapter 04 – Translating


  1. Hey guys I just noticed you were working on this all colored manhwa. I was on the verge of doing the same if no one else was going to scanlate it. So thanks~ If you need an extra editor for this let me know ^_~* Looking foward to your first release!!

  2. Thank you for your interest! We hope you’ll enjoy our releases of this project! If you’re interested in being an editor for this, please send us a sample of your work to: noir[dot]staff[at]gmail[dot]com

  3. Yay!!! Thank you so much for the wonderful releases!! I really really appreciate you hard work! You guys have great taste!
    What more can I say!!!

  4. thank you for the release!

  5. Thanks it sounds really good!! Thanks for the hard work as well.

  6. Yay, thanks for the release. Look forward for more in the future. 🙂

  7. Thank you so much for this release!
    I’ve been dying to read this for a while now; thank you so much for providing the translations!
    I’m looking forward to future releases by this group! 🙂

  8. thanks so much for releasing this one. it seems interesting 🙂

  9. I’ve seen raw of this manwha and looks interesting! ^___^ And full colored! Thanks for translating it!

  10. the plot is good thanks for the scanlatiion!!

  11. Thank youso much for translating this manhwa! I love it so much and not only because it’s full colored. Happy Holidays! ^^

  12. thank you soo much for the hard work on it, and happy Christmas Holidays for the whole staff!

  13. Hi, I just wanted to say that there might be some sort of an error in chapter 2 of this manhwa.
    Pages 14-15 won’t open.
    Would you mind checking it out, please?

    I also wanted to say I really like your site. Sooo many cool manhwas *droooolll*
    Thank you so much for your effort!
    Merry Christmas! ^__^

  14. Thank you for all the hard work!! Happy Holidays!! ( ¨w¨ )/♥♥

    and I’m not sure where to post this, but Chapter 2 is indeed corrupt^^” I’m having trouble opening pg.14-15 too. Can someone fix it?

  15. Thanks alot for all your hard work 🙂 just wanted to let you guys know that page 14-15 in c02 gives error message saying file is corrupt.

  16. Wow, another amazing release! Thanks so much for taking up this manhwa!!! It’s getting better and better XD thanks for all the hard work =D

  17. Halo~
    Sankyuu so much for fixing the corrupt page!

    Have a great New Year na!! (○≧ε≦○)*kissu~♥♥

  18. Thank you sooo much for fixing the error page! 😀
    Happy New Year!!! ^__^

    Thanks for your hard work.

  19. great one, looking forward to more!!!

  20. Cool thank you for the releases~! ^_^

  21. I just found your site and now I’m downloading “Running on Empty”; it sure sounds interesting.
    Your site looks nice and I hope you’ll be around a long time (saw so many groups vanish, last year!).
    Thank you for your hard work.

  22. I’m reading chapter 3…I love you guys for this manhwa!!!! ❤

  23. Thank you for this amazing manhwa. It’s first time that I see full colored manhwa/manga. I’m looking forward to next chapters ^_^

  24. Thanks for fixing the corrupt page and releasing another chapter

  25. Hiya…
    I am really enjoying this manhwa so far! The colored pages make it so unique, and the characters are really good looking…boy aren’t I participating the next chapters! It’s all thanks to this group that I’m able to enjoy it, so thank you so much for scanlating…! ^^

  26. Thanks for scanlating this series! I really do like it 😀
    I’m looking forward to the next release!

  27. Thank you so much! This looks so interesting!

  28. thank yyou guys for Running on empty! you are so much love for scanlating this *heart*

    It’s me or the release s never available on the day it’s announced? Your IRC channel clearly state we can get it here though ^^;;

  29. it’s always available, although there are times that mediafire decides to post “errors” for our links. it’s usually fixed within a few hours. However, it’s random (some people have no problem dling whereas i have another handful of people who get error messages). just have to wait it out T-T


  31. Thanks for the chapters on this one you guys! Its all much appreciated and its another good s/i series I can direct people to read from you!!!

  32. I love this manhwa sooo much and I was wondering if I could be a QCer for it?

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