NOIR’s First Release and Happy Birthday Moa~!

Happy Birthday, Moa! May you live yet another year to slave for us~ JKJK XD.

Thank you, Moa, for your hard work and for all the time you’ve put into our group! Please know that every minute that you spend working (slaving XD) for our group is appreciated by readers and staff members alike! We all wish you a Happy Birthday and look forward to scanlating with you for all the birthdays that will come in the future.

To make Moa’s Birthday more special than it already is, our FIRST releases are out! For those of you who have been stalking our website…Voila! We have Chapter 1 of Memory Eaters (a nice shoujo/fantasy manhwa) and Chapter 1 of Running on Empty (a FULL COLOR shounen-ai manhwa).

Please click on our “Releases” page (at the top right) to access our releases. Our next few releases will be public and (hopefully) easy to access. Please DO NOT abuse this privilege!

For hosting permission, please contact us at: noir[dot]staff[at]gmail[dot]com

DO NOT use our links as your own. Please link only the “Release” page, not the files themselves. Failure to follow our rules will result in releases that will be…less accessible ^^.



  1. Happy Birthday!!
    Both your releases look great.

  2. Happy birthday, and happy first release! thanks for the hard work!

  3. Yay! Congratulations on your first releases! I’m really looking forward to these projects and seeing more from your group. The projects look really interesting and I love manhwa (sp?).

  4. Happy birthday Moa .
    congratulatons on our first release ! Love you all staff Noir flowerdance

  5. heart u, moa~

    HAPPY BIRTHDAY!! *twirls and splits*

  6. Thanks for the release, and happy birthday Moa ^^

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