A Wolf’s Warning

a wolf warning

A Wolf’s Warning
by Kim Yun-Jung

Han Summer (Yeuh-Reum) and Hyun Moo-Heum are very different from one another. While Moo-Heum is a brilliant, yet stunning son of a CEO of one of the most influential and extensive companies in the world, Summer, is a mediocre-looking girl – a plain Jane, who is just under an inescapable debt of 70 million won! And to whom? It is none other than Hyun Moo-Heum! In the midst of this dilemma, a mysterious figure enters and intervenes with their lives. Could he be of any help to Summer or is he destined to make her life more complicated than it already is?
Genre: Comedy || Romance || School Life || Shoujo || Slice of Life
Length: 5 Volumes (ongoing)
  • Volume 1 Chapter 01 – Released
  • Volume 1 Chapter 02 – Released
  • Volume 1 Chapter 03 – Quality Checking
  • Volume 1 Chapter 04 – Proofreading
  • Volume 2 Chapter 05 – Cleaning


  1. this looks really interesting
    thank you for the upload ^^

  2. Just the fact that it has one of my favorite animals mentioned is good. I’m interested. Thanks for uploading it.

  3. oh yes i’ve been waiting for this it looks awesome so far, smankies dudes 🙂

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