Dear Waltz

dear waltz

Dear Waltz
by Yoon Ji Un

After her mother’s death, high schooler Mi-Hyang packs up her belongings and enters the household of her mother’s former manager. Even though she was a daughter of a rich man, with her father and other family members still alive and well, she apparently has good reasons for doing this… So the life of smiling 24/7 Mi-Hyang and the two good-looking sons of her mother’s former manager — with their own set of unique personalities — begins!!
Genre: Drama || Romance || Shoujo || Slice of Life
Length: 4 Volumes (ongoing)


  • Volume 1 Chapter 01-07 by [RC-SCANS]
  • Volume 2 Chapter 08-10 by [RC-SCANS]
  • Volume 2 Chapter 11 – Released
  • Volume 3 Chapter 12 – translating


  1. Thank you for continuing with this manhwa. It is less typical than many plot lines out there and I am curious to see what else we will learn about Mi-Hyang’s past. Of course, I hope she will find a love to help heal her heart and learn that she is valuable.

  2. Im happy u continue this series for I like it so much. I hope u enjoy it as much as it’s fans do and wish u GL.


  3. Yeah! I am new fan of this manhwa. Just found it last week and keep waiting the next chapter release. Thx you for your hard work.

  4. I really love this manhwa, Thank you very much for scanlating it!
    You guys are awesome!!!

  5. this story is soooo goood. thnz for cntinuing it!!!!!!!!

  6. Awesome!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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