by Kim Young Hee

Remember the tale of the little mermaid that fell in love with the dashing human prince? Now, imagine the roles reversed, as a romance blooms between the beautiful Evyione and a dashing young merman. It’s a unique twist on timeless tale that is sure to leave you spellbound. – From Udon Entertainment
Genre: Drama || Fantasy || Historical || Romance || Shoujo
Length: 3 Volumes (ongoing)


  • Volume 1 Chapter 01-04 by Esthétique
  • Volume 1 Chapter 05-07 by [RC-SCANS]
  • Volume 1 Chapter 08 – Released
  • Volume 1 Chapter 09 – Released
  • Volume 2 Chapter 10 – Released
  • Volume 2 Chapter 11 – Quality Checking
  • Volume 2 Chapter 12 – Proofreading


  1. […] Evyione (Chapter 08): Another lovely shoujo with very good art. If you like remakes of classic fairytales like “Little Mermaid”, then this is for you! Hot bishie merman…how much better can it get.. XD […]

  2. Thank you for all your efforts! I love a good retelling, and throw in bishies, what’s not to like? I may just have to pick up these books! Aurgh! But the series is still ongoing? Hurry up Kim Young Hee! XD

  3. Thanks evrything you’ve done! You guys are awesome!

  4. This story is more romantic than Little mermaid..^^
    It is hot!!^^… I love this story… But, It must happy ending!!><

  5. Thank you very much for continuing this series.
    “The little mermaid” was one of my favorite fairytales, but I just love this story even more. Especially since the mermaid is actually a merman !
    Hope there’ll be a happy ending too !

  6. Hello, It’s my first time posting, but i’ve been checking the site like a year ago. I wonder, will evyione be completed, cuz I’ve been waiting an awfully long time, and it seems like chapter 11 is still quality checking. Anyway, thanks for your efforts.

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