The Summit & Koi Yori Kiss Yori Daikirai!!


Hi everyone!

We’re releasing Chapter 14 of The Summit, which is a joint project with the group Mihashi. We will be releasing chapters of The Summit on our site, as well as on Mihashi’s IRC channel:  This is a a shounen-ai/yaoi manhwa for rabid yaoi BL fans out there XD.

We have a new rule for all our joint projects. Please DO NOT host any of our joint projects. This means no personal hosting, or on hosting sites, or uploading on manga/manhwa viewing sites. All joint projects will ONLY be hosted on our site and at our joint group’s site/irc-channels. We will not give permission to ANY site to host our joint projects.

We’re also releasing Chapter 01 of Koi Yori Kiss Yori Daikirai!! This is a new series that we are starting! It’s a cute shoujo by a yaoi author (funky, right?). Although I can’t honestly say the story isn’t cliche, I find it very cute and fun to read. Not to mention that the art is cute as well.. XD

I hope you enjoy our releases, and have fun downloading!

And DON’T forget to leave us comments!! XD



  1. Thank you ;* chus you

  2. what!!!, yaoi author!

  3. awesome job NOIR!!
    xD you guys/girls sub the best manhwa yet.
    so happy~~
    O.O;; though i hope the new shoujo KYKYD doesn’t haven’t any yaoi in it.. not a big fan of that
    anyways thanks a bunch.

  4. omigosh!! thanks for the new releases!! also thanks soo much for the new chapter of The Summit!! i seriously cannot wait to read it~

  5. Thank you so much guys for your hard job, please keep it up!

  6. Thanks a lot, I can’t wait to read The Summit. Finnally someone is scanlating it.

  7. thank you for the latest release of the summit

  8. Yayy Summitt!!
    Thanksies very much

  9. Thank you so much for The Summit!!! 😀

  10. I looked up Bakaupdates to see what manga/manhwa is updates
    and YOU GUYS HAVE NO IDEA how HAPPY I was when I saw
    this release ;__;!THANK YOU GUYS A BUNCH For scanlating
    “The Summit” I look forward to your releases =) Again~
    Thank you VERY much ❤

  11. thanks for taking up the Summit! *glomps*

  12. The Summit *o*
    Thank you <<3

  13. Thank you for the release, I really like this manhwa. I hope you will taking on this project from now on *bow*

  14. Thanks so much for the Summit! Finally!!! <333

  15. OOOOHHHHHHH I so totally love u love u LOVE Uuuuuuuuuuuu!!!
    I’m crazy about The Summit, thank you sooooo much for picking up this manga.
    Thanks again m(_ _)m


    KYA KYA…… I’VE BEEN WAITING FOR AGES!! T-T chinese raws only go up to v4 T-T


  17. Thank you so much!! I’ve been waiting to read more of The Summit for YEARS!!

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