Happy Thanksgiving!


Happy Thanksgiving Everyone!

For those of you unfamiliar with the holiday, it’s a day to “give thanks” (no, duh? XD).

As with any good holiday, we’re here to celebrate with more releases! We will be releasing 1 chapter every day for the next few days! Please come and check us out!

Thanksgiving (Thursday) Release:

Hitsuji no Namida Ch20: What is there to say!? The mangaka and the title speaks for itself. Great art, sweet story. You won’t regret reading it. The story tends to be more realistic, simple, yet captivating than a lot of shoujo’s that I’ve read. If you’re looking for something not too “fantastical” (where characters are doing something impossible in real life), but something more mellow and sweet, this is for you.

The Snow Queen Ch07: What can I say. I love Wann… Tear out my heart and drive me to tears with cliche and bittersweet plots XD (not to mention her artwork which is FABULOUS). If you like Wann, this is for you! Woot~ Go SQ XD!  

Friday Release:

 Evyione Ch09: Woot! Bishie merman T-T. This is for those of you who like retellings of fairy tales like “Little Mermaid” retold with a hot merman and a smart heroine. Evyione is for those of you who like a more developed plot line that builds up.

Saturday/Sunday Release:

Flowers of Evil Ch14: Woot! Finally, another chapter of FoE! If you like incest, this is for you. Although a shoujo, it’s also classified as “psychological”. Please note, the main plot revolves around the theme of incest. If you are offended by the subject, do not read! However, for those of you who are undecided, try it out! The art is nice and the plot quite interesting.

Eikaiwa School Wars Ch04: Kyaa~ Finally! 400 days after chapter 3 was dropped, we are ecstatic to announce our first release of Eikaiwa School Wars. If you like Matsumoto Tomo’s works, this is for you!



  1. Happy Thanksgiving!! Thanks for the releases and the future releases for this week!! I can’t wait!! Thanks again!!

  2. A Happy Thanksgiving to you guys ^__^
    Thank you very much to all the staff for these awesome releases 🙂
    You all are angels from heaven and wow! there’s still more!? yay! you guys rock!!!!

  3. Thank you very much for the releases ^_______^, thank you thank you thank you ^______^ , you guys are amazing ^_____^

  4. Thank you so much for the releases, especially for Eikaiwa School Wars (so long waiting), very good work!!

  5. ;_;

    thank you for the releases!

    another chapter of flowers of evil, i love you so much! ;_;

  6. THANK YOU!!!!Finally Eiikawa…I’m so happy…REALLY THANK YOU A LOT!!!!!!!!!!!

    I’ve been waiting for Eikaiwa school war . I like Masumoto Tomo’s works (although the stories aren’t that great but I like the art) ^^

  8. thank you for the releases. hoping for more >_<

  9. I certainly give thanks to Noir and Hidaka Banri for more Hitsuji no Namida goodness 🙂

  10. Thank you so much for Flower of Evil (and Hitsuji no Namida and Eikawa School Wars). I love Flower of Evil so much, I have the raws even though I can’t read Korean, so I was really excited to see a new chapter. Thanks for bringing us more great chapters!

  11. HI! I was reading your previous posts and I came across this:

    We will pick up ANY MANGA/MANHWA/MANHUA that hasn’t been released for more than 6 months or 180 days (on MU) without asking for permission

    Since you are linked with RC scan I was wondering if you guys will still be scanlating Seduction is More Beautiful Than Love by LEE Hyeon-Sook since it has not been updated in 203 days already. (it is a really awesome manhwa btw) I think thats what you meant. If not, sorry for bothering you.


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