Happy Holidays! Releases Marathon!

Hi Everyone!

Like the title suggests, NOIR will be releasing many chapters during the next 2 weeks to celebrate Christmas as well as New Years!
We will be releasing at least 1 chapter a day, and maybe a few extra chapters in between on special days!

Before continuing with releases, NOIR is STILL RECRUITING:

Editors: Experienced editors, newbie editors (people who have experience with Photoshop or other image editing programs) and who’ve read and understood most of the online tutorials for editing manga/manhwa.
Translators: Chinese/Japanese/Korean to English
Proof Readers: Please download our PR TEST as well as the RAWs to be used for the test. Directions are on the test itself.
Quality Checkers: Experienced Editors who are confident in their editing abilities and who are willing to QC any genre that needs QCing.

For all positions, we require dedication and quality work! Please apply if you think you can help! Please DO NOT apply if you don’t think you can handle the responsibility!

Please visit and check us out during the next two weeks!

Happy Holidays!

Memory Eaters Mobius Doumei Evyione Running on Empty Legend A Wolf Warning



  1. Wwwwwwwoooooooooooooo. Go us LOL πŸ™‚ πŸ™‚ πŸ™‚

  2. Wow! I’m impressed that you’re releasing one chapter a day.
    Apologies that I can’t offer to help, but your work is much appreciated!

  3. Wow!
    thank you guys so much for this release!
    I hadn’t even realise that such a series on this premise existed…

    Thank you guys so much again!!!
    I hope you guys find the much needed staff!

    you’re such a hardworking group!

  4. Thank you for the releases. This definitely seems like an interesting series.

    By the way, I sent in a completed proofreader test a few days ago. I’m just wondering if you’ve received it yet. Thanks.

  5. Thank you so much for continuing Mobius Doumei! I had been a fan when I’d first read the scanlations years ago and anxiously awaited the continuation.. .before Cinderella Story became defunct, so I’m very excited to see another chapter of it. Thanks for all your hard work! =D

  6. yay!!!! thanks a lot…i’ve been wanting to read memory eaters…thanks a bunch!!!!!!!!!

  7. omigosh thanks for continuing Mobius Doumei!! i absolutely LOVE IT!!! kyaaa thanks sooo much for all the hardwork that was put into it!!XD

  8. Wishing a Merry, Merry Christmass to every person in the staff!
    Thank you for the time you all spend in order for us to enjoy the mangas!
    May Christmas bring you joy and happiness. And snooooowwww, lots of it if it’s possible!

  9. Merry Christmas and thanks 4 the releases

  10. Kyaaaaaaaaaa!!!!!!!!!!!! Thank u thank u thank u thank u!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    I love your group for picking up all the series!! Good job for everything!

    Merry Christmas & Happy upcoming New Year~!

  11. Thank you for all the releases…^_^
    I think the zip file for Running on Empty ch2 is broken. I downloaded it 3 times and it still won’t work. Everytime I tried to extract it kept saying that “CRC failed in Running_on_Empty_v01_ch02_p014-015_[NOIR].png. The file is corrupt”…

  12. We will fix Running on Empty Chapter 02 A.S.A.P. Thanks to everyone who’ve alerted us of the error.

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