Show Princess

show princess

Show Princess
by Min Xiao Xi

Yi Summer and Loshii are orphans, both having met each other at their adoptive parents’ home. Because of the shadows remaining from their childhood, they are both shrouded in the midst of wariness. However, when Yi Summer and her brother meet an embarrassing situation during a singing competition, Loshii helps them out, and the iciness that separates both of them gradually melts. Seeing what has happened, as well as in an attempt to break both of them up, Ozen, who deeply loves Yi Summer and is the heir to the company that founded their school, sends Loshii off to England to study…

Five years later, Loshii has become a superstar, with countless number of fans to his name. Yi Summer, having become an orphan once again as her adoptive parents died the year Loshii left, is a new artiste of a records company, and meets Loshii. Ozen, on the other hand, having lost his memory of Yi Summer five years ago due to a car accident, also sees Yi Summer once again as well. With all three main characters back on the scene and their disputes of love and hate, what will happen between them then? Who will Yi Summer pick in the end?

Genre: Drama || Romance || Shoujo
Length: 3 Volumes (ongoing)
  • Volume 1 Chapter 1 HQ – Released
  • Volume 1 Chapter 2 HQ – Released
  • Volume 1 Chapter 3 Released
  • Volume 1 Chapter 4 – Released
  • Volume 1 Chapter 5 – Proofreading


  1. awesome. characters with both good and evil sides, which makes them ‘real’ (to me). Ozen seems kind of posessive. Loshii is more symapthetic than meets the eye, which makes me come to the conclusion that he will DEFINETELY end up with Summer. But time will show how it’s going to end

  2. there is something so dam good about how Korean manhwa artist draw and such a good story line, nothing too cliche at that!

  3. This is actually a chinese manhwa artist called Misha. xD
    There are other works that are illustrated by her.
    I also love the story line and drawings hope there is more to this.
    because i really enjoyed it.

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