Happy Holidays! Releases Marathon!

Hi Everyone!

Like the title suggests, NOIR will be releasing many chapters during the next 2 weeks to celebrate Christmas as well as New Years!
We will be releasing at least 1 chapter a day, and maybe a few extra chapters in between on special days!

Before continuing with releases, NOIR is STILL RECRUITING:

Editors: Experienced editors, newbie editors (people who have experience with Photoshop or other image editing programs) and who’ve read and understood most of the online tutorials for editing manga/manhwa.
Translators: Chinese/Japanese/Korean to English
Proof Readers: Please download our PR TEST as well as the RAWs to be used for the test. Directions are on the test itself.
Quality Checkers: Experienced Editors who are confident in their editing abilities and who are willing to QC any genre that needs QCing.

For all positions, we require dedication and quality work! Please apply if you think you can help! Please DO NOT apply if you don’t think you can handle the responsibility!

Please visit and check us out during the next two weeks!

Happy Holidays!

Memory Eaters Mobius Doumei Evyione Running on Empty Legend A Wolf Warning Sonan Jyanaiyo Magical JxR Eden no Hana 13th Boy Show Princess Reverie of the Red Shoes Hitsuji no Namida Saver Real Purple Running on Empty



  1. Thank you for picking up Sonan Jyanaiyo! I really like this manga and I’m glad someone finally picked it up!
    Keep up for the good work ^_^

  2. Hey, you fixed the broken zip! Thanks…! ^_^

  3. You guys rock! You’ve chosen such great series 😀 Thank you so much! Also, I love the layout ❤

  4. I’m sure you’ve made many manga readers ecstatic by picking up Sonnan Janeeyo (including myself!) Thanks so very much 😀 Merry Christmas!!

  5. Happy Holidays (and Happy New Year)! Thank you so much for the releases. I’m very grateful that you guys are releasing Eden no Hana. I’m starting to like quite a few of your series, and your others that I hadn’t tried before (like Sonan Janaiyo) look interesting. Good luck in the upcoming year and keep up the good work!

  6. thank you soo much for Eden no Hana!! i’ve been waiting for this series forever!~
    thank you very much for show princess too!! i absolutely love this series so far 😀

    i’ll check out 13th century boy 😀

    thank u guys!! i just can’t help but thank u guys!!
    good luck to u guys in the new year!!

  7. Happy New Year NOIR!! Thank you very much for all the hard work!!

  8. happy holidays & thanks for Saver!! the other projects look interesting so i’ll be checking them out as well ^__^ thanks to the NOIR staff for all the hard work =D

  9. Omg, stumbled across you guys when i was checking up on rc-scans
    So excited to find such an amazing group – wanted to say a massive thank you for all the hard work that goes into your releases
    Also…i may have noticed on lj that there is a possibility of you being involved in a joint project on devil’s bride? That would be AMAZING news ^_^ If you feel that their is a lack of interest please hesitate no longer as the net is literally swarming with ppl desperate for more than 2 english chapters >.<
    many thanks

  10. Thank you for your hard work during the hollidays!
    (And hope you will upload some Saver soon too :p )

    You rock 🙂

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