The Summit Ch15 & Show Princess Ch03

We have 2 quick releases for everyone!

Again, we are asking for DONATIONS! Please DONATE and help us get better RAWS for the series that you enjoy!


First off we have “Show Princess” Ch03, a new chapter for the series! We have finished releasing the 2 chapters (chapter 1~2) which were version 2s of previously released chapters. From chapter 03, we will have new chapters to continue the series! Please visit Sherbet Lemon ( at their forum and express your appreciation for the hard work they’ve put in this chapter!

Secondly, for those of you who’ve haunted, you already know that “The Summit” Chapter 15 was released 2 days ago. Our joint partner Mihashi ( released the chapter on their IRC channel and on to celebrate the Chinese New Years! We’re releasing the chapter today on our website (Sorry we’re slightly late XD). Hope you enjoy!



  1. Thank you so much for The Summit. I donated, so I hope you will continue with the great work! Thanks so much.

  2. Yes! I have haunted mangaupdates and mangatraders for releases! Thank you so much for scanlating The Summit! haha! If I can assist in any way… please just contact me. Really.

  3. Wahh! I tried clicking the donate button, but it said there was a problem with the seller’s email address. I really want this project to be continued. u_u

  4. …okay. Nevermind. I figured it out. LOL.
    I donated using my other email address. Keep up the good work! I love this manhwa. 😀

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