Happy Valentines & Happy Birthdays!

First off, Happy Birthdays!

Yes, I have been rather inattentive when it comes to staff birthdays, but I hope to remedy that today. I would like to wish Kagome999 & Nycmango (1/1), Rainbowskittles (1/4), CinnamonBuns (1/24), Gotchaweird (2/1), and Mllsandy (2/14) all a wonderful Birthday this year! Thank you guys for all your hard work (especially when your lazy admin has been been busy with RL and inattentive T^T). Please know that although I might forget your birthdays (I’m sorry T-T!!), I remember the hard work and time that you guys put into making NOIR a better, more active scanlation group. We wouldn’t be here without you! So Thank you for everything and again, Happy Birthday! Woot!

Now, Happy Valentines everyone!

I hope everyone has received (and given) lots and lots of delicious candy (CHOCOLATES XDDD!!)

Just so that everyone has something to read while munching away on that big pile of candy next to your computer (not that you’ll be lacking things to read since other groups are probably showering you with releases as well ;), we have releases!

Like before, we are still asking for donations XD. Please Donate!

We are also RECRUITING editors, translators, and QCers! Please visit our Recruitment Page to download our tests and for more information!

February 14, 2009 Releases:

Flowers of Evil Ch15: Finally, another chapter of FoE, for all those incest fans out there! More twisted LUV~ XD.  If you haven’t tried Flowers of Evil yet, please know that it is classified as “psychological” and contains “incest”. It’s NOT smut, and it deals more with the feelings of the characters, as well as their complicated relationships. In other words, it is NOT a light, easy, predictable shoujo. BEWARE XD.

Snow Queen Ch9: Another chapter of Wann XD. The story and author speak for themselves. Read to find out more ~! If you haven’t tried the series yet, try it out! It’s cliche (it’s Wann XD) but really touching. If you are into bittersweet shoujo, this is for you to try out!

Show Princess Ch4: Our joint manhua project with Sherbet Lemon XD. Since this is a new chapter, I will leave the chapter up for you to read and find out XD. If you haven’t tried Show Princess, give it a shot! The art is quite nice and the story quite interesting (although we’re only at ch4, the story is really building up). Please visit: http://sherbetlemon.heavenforum.com/forum.htm and drop a quick “thank you” for all their hard work in bringing out more of Show Princess so quickly XDD!

Sonan Jyanaiyo Ch9: Last but not least, another chapter of Sonan Jyanaiyo, a cute tale about a very plain and ordinary girl and her two handsome and outstanding brothers who are really quite hot. Of course, they’re also in love with her! No one knows why lol there’s the mystery~ Read to find out WHY they like her and to see just how good looking they are, because they are…

Also, be sure to check out our poll on the left hand side! We want your opinions, please~ Thank you! Enjoy the releases and the staff here at NOIR hope you had a fantastic Valentine’s Day!



  1. Oh my gosh! :O Sonan Jyanaio sooo leaves me wanting for more XD Unfair! Dear mangaka, please don’t make my heart so strained!

  2. Happy Valentine’s Day to you and thanks very much for all the releases !

  3. YAY, Flowers of evil & snow queen is out!! I been dying for that one!! (to the members of RC-scan, no saver is still my favourite, i just love flowers of evil lots too ^_< )

    Anyway, thanks for all the hard work, we are truly spoiled by having 4 releases at once.

    And happy birthday plus Valentines to staff ^_^

  4. thank you for the hard work!
    another chapter of flowers of evil, i’m so happy! ;_;
    i love you!

  5. What an awesome Valentine’s Day gift! ^_^ Thank you all so much! Please forgive my late comment. I tend to forget to check for new releases (like an idiot).

    Noir and RC have shown me the wonders of manhwa, and have introduced me to so many wonderful authors and artists that I never would have known about otherwise. “Flowers of Evil”, “Bride of the Water God”, “Show Princess”, “Evyione”, “The Snow Queen”, and more. Without you guys, I’d never even know most of these titles existed, nor would I be able to read them. Thank you again for working so hard, and for sharing that work with us.

    Happy Belated Birthday to Kagome999, Nycmango, Rainbowskittles, CinnamonBuns, Gotchaweird, and Mllsandy! I hope you got tons of presents! ^_^

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