1. Wow!I can’t believe it!All of my favourite manhwas are being continued by you guys!Rolling,Comic,1001 Nights,Idol paradise…

  2. gakuen ouji~~~

  3. do you think you guys might be willing to love sos it was being done by another group but they are not active anymore. They have not released any chapters since October of 07. Also thanks for working on such great projects. You guys rock!

  4. A Willful Muse is conducting a poll about what projects they should do next, and Love SOS is one of the options. You should visit their website and vote for it 🙂

  5. are you guys working on joints with RC Scans or just working on the projects while they are doing their own version??

  6. Mango, we’ll have an answer for you this weekend XD

  7. wow, i feel like ur guy’s project list just keep increasing!!
    u guys must have a pretty big crew!!
    can’t wait for the next release!

  8. Is no one doing Angel Diary anymore? <.<

  9. omg YES!! your going to scanlate Gakuen Ouji WOOHOO!!!~

  10. OMG thank you so much.i waited for months for evil local bookstore don’t carry the series.i thought it was being abandoned.when i found out that the latest chap is out i was sooooooo grateful.thank you!!!!

  11. Thank you very much for continueing Moebius Doumei! 😀

    Will take a look at your other projects later too 😉

  12. Are you guys going to do Seduction is Better than Love with RC scan? No new chapters have been released in a very long while. And I thought you guys might pick it up with RC scan. It’s fine if you dont, since you already helped us so much by having these other awesome releases. I’ll really apprediate it if you do!

    I think you guys have been the best scanlation groups out there. Love all your series! Keep up the good work.

  13. wow you guys have a lot of awesome stuff on your plate. i really think its great that you pick up stuff that other groups have decided to drop for one reason or another. if there is ever any extra space on your very full plate, you should check out “the boy from the moon” the group entorpy only got through one volume of it before dropping it about 2 years ago. sorry if said anything to upset you guys, keep up the awesome work! and thanx again for the all the releases!

  14. Thankyou SO SO SOOO MUCH for scanslating Flowers of Evil…
    its a Really awsome manga. 😀 😀
    The quality of the translation/scanslation is Top notch too, just like a professionals’.
    Im Immensely thankful…I Love the great quality 😛
    And woah, …you guys have a Great taste in manga!! XD
    The ones i;ve read have brilliant plots and gorgeous art!! Eviyone…The Summit…etc..
    Once again..Thankyou! ><! I’ll have to check out All your projects 😀

  15. Wow, I realised you guys did alot of projects but this is something else 0.0 Your fans really appreciate the work as you have given us some wonderful series to read! (and thanks to RC scans too! ^_^ )

    If you guys got any room on your calender (and only if you have a enough time, i already know you guys get far too many requests to count) please see if you can take up Cash Girl. Its a light romantic comedy Korean Manga, and it was dropped some time ago by another scanlation group (over a year I believe if memory serves correctly) and if you could pick it up, i would be extremely greatful ^_^

    Besides that thank you for all your hard work, we really love this site!!

  16. Thank you for those of you who have made suggestions!
    Will consider, thank you ^^.

  17. I love the moment when a fox becomes a wolf. Never ever drop it.

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