NOIR is currently recruiting the positions below. Please keep in mind that on top of your job, you are also applying to be a part of a team. You need to be able to work with others!


1. Editors
We are looking for editors (cleaners, typesetters, and all-around editors) who are willing to work with sometimes set deadlines.

New Editors: MUST BE WILLING TO LEARN. The learning process may be tedious as you edit over and over and over AND OVER again, making corrections. You MUST be dedicated and responsible! Your first few chapters will be the hardest! But if you stick to learning and correcting, editing will become easier. If you are going to quit in the middle or if you don’t think you can handle the learning period, please don’t bother applying. Don’t waste our time or yours.

Experienced Editors: Editors must be willing to put in time to edit. There will be many times when a set deadline is given for a certain chapter. I would prefer to have 1 dedicated, average-in-skill editor who is consistent and who meets deadlines than an exceptional editor who is part of 10 other scanlation groups and who doesn’t know the meaning of the word “deadlines”.

Please download our EDITING TEST if you think you can handle the responsibility and are interested in editing for NOIR!

Editors (Cleaning & Typesetting):EDITING TEST DL
Cleaners (Cleaning Only): CLEANING TEST DL
Typesetters (Typesetting Only): TYPESETTING TEST DL

2. Quality Checkers
We’re looking for experienced QCers who are willing to work with experienced editors. We are looking for QCers willing to edit and QC projects.  QCer’s must be willing to work on any genre. Again, EXPERIENCE IS NECESSARYRequirements for QCers are: 1) Experience Editing 2) English Fluency 3) Being meticulous.

Please email us for more information.

3. Translators
We are looking for experienced Japanese, Korean, and Chinese translators. Translators should be willing to do any genre and must be fluent in the language they are translating from and English. Translators must also be able to turn out at least 1 chapter every 2 weeks max.

If you are interested in any of the positions listed above, please email us at with your information and the position you would like to apply for. Should you meet our requirements, we will have you working in no time!

Please keep in mind that we need dedicated and motivated team members. Having time isn’t necessary, but we would like to maintain fast, quality releases!

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