Name: Leicu
Position: Korean Translator/Head Admin
Likes: Bishies, dogs, good books…anything interesting.
Dislikes: Annoying people, stupid brainless female characters…too many things not to like in this world…
Misc: Nothing’s free in this world…~

Name: Saya987
Position: Editor/Co-Admin
Likes: Reading, Cross Stitching, Hiking, Crafts, Internet, Movies (no particular type).
Dislikes: Cruelty to animals and people especially kids.
Misc: My favorite manga/manwha that I have read to date are:  Red Lion, Hot Blooded Woman, Hana Kimi, Nana, Red River, Ryo, and Ayashi no Ceres.  I am sure there are lots more, I just can’t think of them offhand.


Name: Kagome999
Position: Editor/QCer

Name: Gotchaweird
Position: Editor/QCer
Likes: Shoujo, josei, hamsters, computer stuff
Dislikes: Yaoi, shonen-ai, yuri…
Misc: I’m a shy person?

Name: DarkZhiro
Position: QCer
Likes: Almost all types of anime (mainly shoujo), J-music, anime styled RPG’s….and cookies.
Dislikes: Anime with bad endings (for example: School Days….ugh I feel bad just when thinking about it).
Misc: I hope that we can get along 🙂

Name: Lily~<3
Position: QCer
Likes: Gackt, drawing, mangas
Dislikes: Oneshots
Misc: =D I don’t bite *heart heart*

Name: Chirido_chan
Position: Editor
Likes: manga anime Sa Ya smutty shoujo anime music cosplay
Dislikes: marriage
Misc: money money money XD

Name: Miki-chan
Position: Editor
Likes: Many things.
Dislikes: Medication (blah).
Misc: CANDY!!!^^

Name: Aka
Position: Editor
Likes: Anything to do w/manga + anime
Dislikes: Faulty internet connection
Misc: Nice to meet you all!

Name: Rainbowskittles
Position: Editor
Likes: Sweet things, anything to do with red beans <3, the colour pink, anything cute and more that I won’t list ^^
Dislikes: ONIONS, 2 faced people,that annoying person in a love triangle (especially when it’s some clingy, desperate girl)…actually there’s so many stuff that I can’t list an/or remember what they are xD
Misc: Lalala <3…(more like I duno what to put here)

Name: Tessa
Position: Editor
Likes: School, watch animes, read manga xD. I like spending time with my friends.
Dislikes: Don’t like to work xD.
Misc: Yeah, I need a life. XD

Name: Delightful101
Position: Editor
Likes: Eating, reading, badminton and…doodling
Dislikes: Homework, homework, homework and homework. 

Name: CinnamonBuns
Position: Editor

Name: Hatsu
Position: Editor

Name: Mizuiro Megami (MM)
Position: Typesetter/RAW Provider
Likes: Anime, manga, playing violin & badminton, reading books, learning languages, playing around with the computer^^.
Dislikes: Ignorant people, those who hate manwha, and mushrooms o.o
Misc: I’m just your average teenaged-girl who spends way too much time on the computer ^-^.

Name: Ish
Position: Typesetter
Likes: Yang chow fried rice.
Dislikes: Pressure.
Misc: Smeagol is really a good guy.

Name: Lemon_chiffon
Position: Typesetter
Likes: Watching TV, reading Books, listening to music, watching TV while listening to music and reading a book (lol!)… And, oh, “studying” 😛
Dislikes: People who get offended easily, books with large print, artificial perfume, and dirty computer screens.
Misc: I can bend my fingers all the way back, and not get hurt. (Not really useful)

Name: Nycmango
Position: Cleaner


Name: Claire1909
Position: Korean Translator
Likes: Manga, Manhwa………and the very cute characters (mostly male) in it XDDDDD ….no, don’t run away…I won’t bite.

Name: Brown-Ribbon
Position: Korean Translator
Likes: Bishies~!~!~!~!~!~!~! haha.. I’m being sucked into the world of Claire…-_-
Dislikes: Homeworks! and.. too sweet foods.. they are disgusting in a sense…

Name: Mouseyfeet
Position: Korean Translator
Likes: Scary stories and movies.
Dislikes: Swimming, cockroaches, and the aftertaste of milk.

Name: Kinyee
Position: Chinese Translator
Likes: Bright colours and funny-looking hats. And my DS.
Dislikes: Puppets.

Name: Kayleret3173
Position: Chinese Translator
Likes: Manga, Anime, Dramas, Cooking XD, Crafts, and singing! Haha though my favorite subject is actually science…I know my likes don’t connect at all…so random XD
Dislikes: Hmmm…how the manga/anime doesn’t go the way I want it to…(eg. one of the main characters don’t end up with the one I want him/her to…) and there’s more just I can’t think of it right now XD
Misc: “There is no such thing as bad people; because different opinions exist, they clash with each other and cause problems.”


Proof Readers:

Name: Moa
Position: Cleaner/Proofreader
Likes: Puppies, reading, hanging out…
Dislikes: Espresso, rude custumers, slow drivers…
Misc: Nothing really o_o

Name: Innocent Fighter
Position: Proofreader
Likes: Singing, writing, stripey socks, sleeping, crying and Kitties!
Dislikes: Coffee, closed-minded people.
Misc: ermm…MEOW! QUACK! er…-runs-

Name: Omni
Position: Proofreader
Likes: Johnny’s Entertainment, Red Mango, mochi, lychee/pumpkin pie ice-cream, cosplay, k-pop & j-pop, Uniqlo, blueberry soda, sushi, ipod!♥, Ninomiya Kazunari, my stuffed seal~
Dislikes: Impatient clerks, shots/hospitals, spontaneous internet connection 😡
Misc: Uh. Godiva will be giving out a lot of free samples in November. [:

Name: Eva
Position: Proofreader
Likes: Reading, listening to music, blue, white, black, Chinese/Japanese/Indian/Thai cuisine.
Dislikes: Arrogant, stuck-up people, people who add me on msn; then asks me “Who are you?”
Misc: If you would like to contact me through msn, please PM me first ’cause I hardly go on. ^^

Name: XxBloodySnowX
Position: Proofreader

For our staff who’ve lost the address to our forum…: Staff Forum


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