Idol Paradise

Idol Paradise (アイドルパラダイス or 偶像速递)
by Asami Miyabi

Takaishi Minori is a cute and perky female fast-food worker who is adored by all the female customers because she looks like a teen idol–a MALE teen idol. Minori is a tomboy and has short hair, so she is often mistaken for a boy.

One day after work, Minori spots an unfair fight going on, and leaps into the middle of the fight, ready to even the odds…only to be mortified to learn that she landed right in the middle of a music video shoot for the popular boy band GOLD! She is dazzled by Tomoya, the leader of GOLD. Minori apologizes for her mistake and is about to continue on her way, but not before one of GOLD’s managers sees her and gets a great idea…- From

Genre: Action, Gender Bender, Romance, Shoujo

Length: 1 Volume (complete)


  • Volume 1 Chapter 01a by TCMANGA
  • Volume 1 Chapter 01b by Scanduzioni
  • Volume 1 Chapter 02 – Dropped. Please visit for releases from other groups.