Show Princess & Joint with Sherbet Lemon


Here’s our release for the day!

We are releasing Chapter 01 version 2 of Show Princess. This is a joint project with Sherbet Lemon. Classified as manhua (originally from China/released in the Chinese language), this is a very pretty shoujo that will be aired as an actual drama soon.

We will be releasing all chapters done as a joint simultaneously (at the same time) on both our sites and on Sherbet Lemon’s forum:

Please visit us or Sherbet Lemon to access downloads.

And remember, please thank Sherbet Lemon for their hard work!


The Summit & Koi Yori Kiss Yori Daikirai!!


Hi everyone!

We’re releasing Chapter 14 of The Summit, which is a joint project with the group Mihashi. We will be releasing chapters of The Summit on our site, as well as on Mihashi’s IRC channel:  This is a a shounen-ai/yaoi manhwa for rabid yaoi BL fans out there XD.

We have a new rule for all our joint projects. Please DO NOT host any of our joint projects. This means no personal hosting, or on hosting sites, or uploading on manga/manhwa viewing sites. All joint projects will ONLY be hosted on our site and at our joint group’s site/irc-channels. We will not give permission to ANY site to host our joint projects.

We’re also releasing Chapter 01 of Koi Yori Kiss Yori Daikirai!! This is a new series that we are starting! It’s a cute shoujo by a yaoi author (funky, right?). Although I can’t honestly say the story isn’t cliche, I find it very cute and fun to read. Not to mention that the art is cute as well.. XD

I hope you enjoy our releases, and have fun downloading!

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The Moment When a Fox Becomes a Wolf

The Moment When a Fox Becomes a Wolf
by Hwang Mi Ri

Gook Eun-Song is your average high school girl… that is until her attractive younger sister stole the man she had a crush on. Depressed, Eun-Song purchased a bottle of alcohol and crawled into a supposedly cursed closet in her father’s furniture store.
Yu Ha is your average typical bad boy. He even broke traffic regulations just to end up being chased by a couple of police officers.

Oddly enough, he also ended up in the same closet where Eun-Song is asleep from drinking too much. Yu Ha ends up sleeping in the cursed closet with Eun-Song by his side… just to find out the next day, their bodies have been *gasp* switched!

Can anything else possibly go wrong for our poor heroine?

Genre: Action || Comedy || Drama || Gender Bender || Romance || Shoujo
Length: 10 Volumes (complete)


The Summit

The Summit
by Lee Young Hee

Han Sae Lee is every girl’s dream—tall, dark, and handsome with a whole lot of attitude. He knows he’s the catch, but right now, he’s interested in catching a brazen, blond brat and teaching him a lesson or two…WAIT! How can one skinny (but very cute!) boy with sticky fingers (stole Han Sae’s wallet when they first met) give him the run-around so easily? There’s something about Moto that makes Han Sae see red—and not necessarily with anger.

Somehow, Moto has entered Han Sae’s life and shows no signs of leaving. What are Moto’s motives for befriending the “prince”? How far can this friendship go? These questions plague Han Sae as Moto becomes more important to him than he wants to admit. Looks like every girl’s dream man has some growing pains to go through… – From DramaQueen

Genre: Comedy || Drama || Slice of Life || Yaoi
Length: 8 Volumes (ongoing)


  • Volume 1 Chapter 01-08 by MegKF
  • Volume 2 Chapter 09-11 by MegKF
  • Volume 3 Chapter 12-13 by Unknown
  • Volume 3 Chapter 14 – Released
  • Volume 3 Chapter 15 – Quality Checking
  • Volume 3 Chapter 16 – Editing

1001 Nights

1001 Nights (천일야화 or Cheonil Yahwa)
by Jeon Jinseok and Han Seunghee

Everyone knows about the story of Shahrazad and her wonderful tales of the Arabian nights. For one thousand and one nights, she entertained the mad Sultan with the adventures of Aladdin, Ali Baba, Sinbad, genies, and many other mystical creatures. But what if Shahrazad was actually a boy desperate to save his sister’s life? What kind of strange things would he do to make sure that he survives to tell the tale? This new twist on one of the greatest classical folk tales just might keep you awake for another One Thousand and One Nights. – From

Genre: Drama, Historic, Shounen-ai, Shoujo

Length: 11 Volumes (complete)


  • Volume 1 Chapter 01-03 by DMM
  • Volume 1 Chapter 04 by Mihashi
  • Volume 2 Chapter 01-05 by VNCF & Mihashi