The One


Hallo ~ Lovely weekend, eh~? I’ve heard that some people have already gotten snow in the area that they live… *sniffle* Unfair~! XD Anyways, here’s our release for the day.

We are releasing Chapters 4b-6 (3 chapters) of “The One”.

For those of you thinking.. “What..? Haven’t these chapters been released already..?” We are releasing the chapters that [RC-SCANS] finished (yes, it was originally a [RC-SCANS] project), but never got around to releasing. Please note, these chapters are posted as “High Quality” versions of the chapters that have already been released. We will be officially DROPPING “The One”. The series is being continued by an individual scanlator at a much faster pace. For more information, please search

Thank you to those of you who are avid readers of “The One”. We hope that you will continue enjoying the series.