WordPress Closure & New Forum Open!


Hi Everyone!

We have BIG NEWS to go along with our releases!

NOIR is moving from wordpress to a FORUM!

Forum address: http://projectnoir.net

We will be closing down our wordpress site (removing all download links as well as removing our address from Mangaupdates.com) at the end of this month (March 31, 2009).

Please visit our forum and register!

You will need a minimum of 10 NON SPAM Posts to access our releases,

starting April. We are opening our forum ahead of time so that you will be able to meet those requirements before our first April releases.

Today we are releasing:

Sonan Jyanaiyo Ch10: We are recruiting Traditional Chinese Translators for Sonan! Please help us!

The Snow Queen Ch11: Woot! We’re more than half way through the series XD! Hope you’re enjoying Wann!

Eikaiwa School Wars Ch06: Bringing you more ESW and Matsumoto Tomo! Hope you enjoy the chapter ~!


Saver 20 and Snow Queen 08 Release!


Hi everyone!

Here’s our releases for this week!

We are releasing….*drumroll*

Saver Chapter 20 and Snow Queen Chapter 08! Hope you enjoy!

Before leaving our happy leechers to leech, I would like to ask for RECRUITMENT! Please help us out! We are seeking DEDICATED Proof readers, as well as DEDICATED Editors.

For Proof readers, requirements are:

  • Extensive knowledge of the English language: Your English MUST surpass my knowledge of the language at the very least.
  • Dedication: Please do not assume that reading over the script and correcting grammar here and there are the only things that you have to do. There’s MORE.
  • Speed: Proof readers are asked to finish a chapter within 2 days max. It doesn’t take that long. Maybe 1~2 hours a day for 2 days?
  • Completion of our PR Test: Please download our test as well as the RAWs to be used for the test. Directions are on the top of the test.

Test Download: PR TEST

RAWs for Test: RAWs for TEST

For Editors, requirements are:

  • Knowledge of Photoshop or any other image editing programs: We do not have time to train new editors who do not have even the most BASIC knowledge of PS or otherwise. We will take editors who have knowledge of PS, but no experience editing manga, only if you’ve read online tutorials and KNOW WHAT THEY ARE GETTING INTO.
  • Dedication:  For newbie editors, if you are afraid of criticism and corrections, please DO NOT APPLY. Please apply if you are willing to put in the time and effort to learn and to be productive! For experienced editors, please do not apply if you are invloved in 100 other groups. I ask for dedication to our group, and abilities to meet deadlines, which can be hard when there’s too many groups demanding your attention.

Happy Halloween & Releases!

Happy Halloween by NOIR&[RC-SCANS]

Hi everyone! Trick or Treat!? XD No… you don’t get candy…but you get releases instead (which I think maybe even better than candy in some ways.. XD)!!

But before we get to releases, for those of you who are taking the time to read this and have seen the image up there and are wondering, “[RC-SCANS]?” We have BIG news! NOIR will be merging with the Korean Manhwa group [RC-SCANS].

What do we mean by merging? It means that the staff and most of the projects from [RC-SCANS] will be taken into NOIR (so two groups becoming one). Thus our extended list of ongoing projects… (kinda scary for us but good news for our readers? XD). This means that [RC-SCANS] will be closing down to become part of NOIR. For information about [RC-SCANS], please visit: http://myeternalsunshine.net/rc-scans/

To commemorate the occasion (Halloween and the merge), we are releasing chapters of projects formerly from [RC-SCANS]. These projects are being released as “joint projects” for now but will be continued as NOIR projects.

Joint Projects:

The Snow Queen (Chapter 06): A lovely shoujo series by the author “Wann” who is know for her works “100% Perfect Girl”, “Can’t Lose you”…and many others. If you like something sweet and dramatic, this is for you! Love the art…XD

Evyione (Chapter 08): Another lovely shoujo with very good art. If you like remakes of classic fairytales like “Little Mermaid”, then this is for you! Hot bishie merman…how much better can it get.. XD

Dear Waltz (Chapter 11): Another shoujo with lovely art, brought to you by the author of “Cynical Orange”. The story is more “realistic” (meaning no fantasy related materials), but the plot and characters are the type to grow on you as you continue reading. If you like a more developed storyline, this maybe the series for you to pick up XD.

Next we have our “NOIR” release:

Hitsuji no Namida (Chapter 19): A lovely sweet shoujo by Hidaka Banri, author of the ongoing series “V.B. Rose”. NOIR is continuing the series which has been dropped for over 470 days. The art is all Banri.. you won’t be disappointed! For those of you who have read the series before, we hope you like the series and continue reading and supporting NOIR! XD

On behalf of all staff members of NOIR, we wish you a Happy Halloween (get lots of candy XD) and we hope you enjoy our releases!